Statement from Carla Qualtrough regarding the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project

My position on this issue has always been abundantly clear – we need a new crossing and we need it now.

As a mother who commuted back and forth through the Tunnel prior to being elected in 2015, I know that familiar feeling shared by many Delta parents of worry and angst that comes with the uncertainty of not knowing if you will get to daycare in time at the end of the day because of the uncertainty and unpredictability of traffic conditions in the tunnel.

That’s why I have been engaged in this project since the beginning.  I have met with all stakeholder groups, including transportation experts, local mayors, the Province, Indigenous leaders, user groups, first responders and Translink. I brought the federal Infrastructure Minister for a tour of the Tunnel with Mayor George Harvie.

In May of this year, I wrote to BC Premier John Horgan urging him to get on with this project and reminding him that, after 10 years of Conservative cuts to infrastructure, our federal Liberal government put significant funding on the table for projects just like this one.

I also stressed the importance of this crossing to our regional and national economies, as a key link in a major international trade corridor.

The ball remains in the court of the Province to identify the type of crossing, request the support of the federal government, and get to work building.

Local leaders in Delta, including myself, MLA Ian Paton and Mayor Harvie, have long been championing this issue. My opponent’s commitment to host a summit undermines this hard work, and risks adding more delays. It is no surprise that the Conservative candidate in Delta is only making promises to host meetings that are already happening, and not bringing new infrastructure dollars to the table. The Conservatives voted against the infrastructure money our Liberal government put forward and it wouldn’t be a surprise if one of the first things they did in office was take it away.