Volunteers at the heart of Team CQ

Whether it is on the doorstep, on a phone call, or at a community event, volunteers are at the heart of my team. They help create a better Canada and a stronger democracy.

With just 18 days to go until Election Day, Team CQ volunteers are working harder than ever!

Check out what some have to say about why they volunteer:


“I am volunteering because a lot of the things that Carla believes in and is working towards aligns with my personal beliefs and I want to do something to get her re-elected.”


“Carla follows through on everything she says she will do and is visible in the community. As a Veteran, I am happy with the strong support and increased funding for Veterans the Liberals have brought forward.”



“I love getting to know the community that I’m in and getting to meet a bunch of people that I can relate to when I volunteer with Team CQ.”


“I believe in the integrity of our democracy and the preservation of human rights and I believe that the Liberal Party of Canada best emulates those principles.”

If you’ve ever thought about volunteering, now is the time to get involved. I need YOU! An hour, an afternoon or a day can go a long way to ensure Delta stays red on October 21st.

Sign up today and a member of my team will be in touch!

-Carla Qualtrough